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We can help you create awesome audio and write awesome songs for your bands and clients. Get in touch and we'll make magic.

Audio Services

1. Songwriting

2. Recording

3. Mixing

4. Mastering

Songwriting Services

Kind Words from Clients

Just a selection of testimonials from folks we've previously worked with.
  • "Outstanding from start to finish! Professional standard all round!! I'll be using ChorusWave as first Protocol to get things Done to the highest Standard Possible from here. MASSIVE THANKS"
    Noel Barr - Musician
  • "We've recorded all our EP's with ChorusWave and we'll definitely go there to record our debut album when the time comes. Professional, Knowledgable and Great!"
    Dislocated Love - Band
  • "Our music can sometimes be hard to capture correctly as it fuses heaviness with melodicism. ChorusWave knocked it out of the park for us! Highly recommend them."
    Mementeau - Band
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